Volcanic flow simulation (C program)

VolcFlow MatLab one-fluid version written in C programming language :
  • 2.5 speedup (on the same computer)
  • Multi-platform : PC, Virtual Reality (VRVOLC...), UCA mesocentre SMP supercomputer...
  • Read any raster ASCII Esri asc file (*.asc)
  • OpenMP, Optimization (use fastmath, use float, facilitate compiler vectorization, use MULT instead of DIV...)
  • Write TIFF files and/or an binary height matrix
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Download :

The freeware version (Windows 10...) is freely available :
- Standalone version (usable with Virtual Reality) : with rheological parameters into a file and source defined by a disk wit (x,y) center of a pixel on the and (r) radius =>Ask for the package<=
- Standalone version : with rheological parameters and source condition into files (soon)
- VR with several sources (soon)
- Web interface to compute at OPGC-UCA VM (next)
- Web interface to compute at UCA mesocentre SMP supercomputer (next)

Topographic input data :

MNT asc files : CRAIG, partners


Technical scientist : Emmanuel Delage, CNRS[1] (OPGC-UMS833)
Numerical modeling : Karim Kelfoun, UCA[2] (OPGC-LMV)
PI : Benjamin van Wyk de Vries, UCA[2] (OPGC-LMV)

[1] CNRS [2] UCA

Mont Meager VolcFlow-C visualization © E. Delage
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